Spring 2016

Undergraduate Game Theory - PS/Ec 172 - Winter 2017

See also the Piazza page.

Instructor. Omer Tamuz, Baxter 213. Office hours are Tuesday after class from 4pm to 6pm, with more time available by appointment if necessary. Students are strongly encouraged to meet the instructor for help with any of the assignments. The Piazza page is a good place to post questions that may interest others.

Teaching assistants.

Lectures. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30pm to 4, in Baxter B125 (in the basement).

Lecture notes. Complete lecture notes are available for this course. Note that this is not a textbook, but the actual notes used to give the lectures. A part of them is based on Osborne and Rubinstein, which is an excellent textbook. It is not, however, required for the class.

Syllabus. The syllabus can be found in the table of contents of the lecture notes. It is subject to change, and in particular the last lectures might be on topics that are not yet covered in the lecture notes.

Grading. The final grade will consist of 35% homework assignments, 30% midterm, and 35% final exam.

Midterm. The midterm exam was due on February 14th. No bonus points were awarded, as the average answer to the last question was about 5.3. Here is a chart showing the distribution of exam scores and bonus points requested. Some noise has been added to the data to make the chart more readable.

Final. The final exam was due on March 17th, at 2pm. The average number of bonus points requested was about 4.5, and so no points were awarded for the first bonus question. Here is a scatter plot of the answers to the two bonus questions. Some noise has been added to the data to make the chart more readable.

Homework. Homework assignments are due every Tuesday by 2:30pm, and are to be submitted in class. Late submissions will not be accepted, but the lowest score will be dropped. Collaboration on homework is encouraged, but individually written solutions are required. Also, please name all collaborators and sources of information on each assignment; any such named source may be used. And don't plagiarize!