Undergraduate Game Theory - PS/Ec 172 - Spring 2023

See also the Piazza page.

Instructor. Omer Tamuz. Office hours are Mondays 10 to 11, in Baxter 213. Students are strongly encouraged to meet the instructor for help with any of the assignments. Piazza is a good place to post questions that may interest others. Send the instructor an email if you are not automatically enrolled there.

Teaching assistants. Locations of office hours TBD.

Lectures. Lectures will be held in person in Baxter Lecture Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm.

Lecture notes. Complete lecture notes are available for this course. Note that this is not a textbook, but the actual notes used to give the lectures. A part of them is based on Osborne and Rubinstein, which is an excellent textbook. It is not, however, required for the class.

Curriculum. The curriculum can be found in the table of contents of the lecture notes.

Grading. The final grade will consist of 70% homework assignments, and 30% final exam.

Problem sets. There will be six problem sets given during the term. They are due every Friday by 11:59pm, and are to be submitted on Gradescope. Collaboration on homework is encouraged, but individually written solutions are required. Also, please name all collaborators and sources of information on each assignment; any such named source may be used. And don't plagiarize! Students will have a chance to resubmit their graded assignments, provided a good faith effort was made to solve them in the first submission. Full credit will be given to correct resubmissions. This is an experimental policy that we are trying out this term, so please be patient as we might need to tweak it.

Late submissions: Each student is entitled to one late submission, no questions asked. This is meant to accomodate medical issues, family issues etc. Please email the instructor if you would like to submit more than one assignment late. Late submissions will only be accepted until 1pm the Monday after the assignment is due.

Final. The final exam is due at 1pm on June 9th for seniors, and 1pm on June 16th for the rest. The instructions are as follows:
"Please take at most four hours to complete this exam. Collaboration is not allowed, except on the bonus question, which you can discuss with others, given that this discussion takes place in public conversations on Piazza. Also, there is no time limit for completing the bonus question, and you can read it (on this page, below) before starting the four hour clock. You may consult the lecture notes, your own notes or any textbook, but not solutions to previous exams. There is no need to prove any statements that you make. "

Bonus question. Choose an integer between 0 and 10, equal to the number of bonus points you would like to have. If the average number of points asked by the students taking this exam is strictly less than 4, then you will get the number of points you asked for. Otherwise you will get no points. Note: bonus points will be added after any curving. Averages will be taken separately for seniors and non-seniors.